teaching ukuleleBrad has been teaching ‘ukulele for over a decade via private lessons, workshops, and online. He’s taught alongside top-notch ‘ukulele players such as: James Hill, Herb Ohta Jr., Bryan Tolentino, Kevin Carroll, Gerald Ross, and others while on staff at events such as George Kahumoku Jr.’s Slack Key Guitar & ‘Ukulele Workshop and the Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat. Brad’s teaching has been called “easy-to-understand” and his three-dimensional approach allows a single class to cover several skill levels at once.


Here are some of Brad’s teaching venues of the past decade.


  • George Kahumoku Jr.’s Slack Key Guitar and ‘Ukulele Workshop (2016-present)
  • Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat (2013-present)
  • Kahumoku ‘Ohana Music and Lifestyle Workshop (2011-2015)

THANK you! Your uke class was exactly what I needed to inspire me to seriously practice. Your metronome tips alone were actually the best part of the camp.” ~ James Kirkkindall

Single Workshops:

  • Seattle’s Totally Relaxed Ukulele Musicians
  • Mother Pluckers
  • Martin Walter’s ‘Ukulele Studio – Freiburg, Germany

Local Group Lessons:

  • Waimea Middle School (K-Art)
  • North Hawai’i Education and Research Center
  • Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua

Want to have Brad join the teaching fun at your next ‘ukulele festival or workshop? Get in touch by sending an email to: bbordessa@gmail.com.