Sister’s Got A Gun – Lyrics

Tonight, she’s part of the problem
That no one else is willing to solve
It’s time someone did something
And she’s ready to take the fall

There are lies and there are destroyers
Intended to break a mind
When both come for her brother
She learns just how fast fate binds

There’s only so much a young mind can take
Before the walls of home close in

Sisters got a gun
There’s no stopping now
Look out your window and see her running you down
Sister’s got a gun
I hope you’re fleeing now
But if a bullet finds you no one would cry anyhow

“Dear dad, you let this happen…”
Starts the letter she could never send
Plain words feel empty
When facing a family’s end

There’s only so much that a letter can say
When a parent lets the demons in

All pain does end
But how you get there is up to you
Resentment is bred by inaction in face of the truth
It’s a little too late for remorse

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