Reason – Lyrics

This tune came from realizing the enormity of relationships and wondering if that cute girl is really who you’re supposed to spend your life with.

Hasn’t event been one month
Don’t even know her sister’s name
Think too hard I can’t even see her face, but I could
That’s the reason for the empty frame

There’s that look again
A whole future stretched out at the sight
I don’t know where that smile has been, but I could
Question is: do I want it in my life?

Two moments in time
Passing by

When you read between the lines
There might be four letters you’re not to see
Only the writer knows the truth
And holds the key

How many times have we all been here before
All alone in an answerless place
Don’t know what I want from love, but I could
Given there’s a God and a change of pace

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