Fallout – Lyrics

Madi’s grandson grew up in a graveyard
But still the house felt like home
Beneath the concrete, a mass burial 10 feet deep
He hears the voices when he’s alone

“Grandma can hear them too? The boys say that I’m crazy”
She says “No, but I can tell you their names”

They were, they were urban angels
The rebels who challenged the throne
They were, they were our best chance
Until the silos cracked and the city glowed

“So that’s why you’re sick – the fallout crippled you”
His gas mask fogged is he cried
“I feel helpless, but knowing this I could never rest”
“Tell me more of the lie”

She turns her wheelchair and looks out on the desert
And says “No, this is not a child’s game”

“I can’t believe they would level a whole city, Grandma how did you survive?”
“There were nine of us,” she said “who made it to the shelter and we locked ourselves inside”
“But if I could do it all again I would,” and a fire burned in her eyes

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