Corners – Lyrics

Driving home on the upper road one day I realized that only paranoid drivers wouldn’t cut across the shoulder of some of the big, wide corners. This got me thinking about how cutting corners relates to life. I came up with Corners as a call to people who are rushing through life without taking the time to smell the roses.

“That’s the take, Sarah” said the boys from the control room
Convinced that they just tracked the next big thing
A star she’d make, but she was a fake, high on Melodyne
But that didn’t matter; the label would give her wings

Jimmy and Jane made four months with a baby on the table
Dealt the cards of a one night, cheatin’ stand
“We’ll name him Paul,” and that was all fine, but she often wondered
One less drink and would she have played her hand

She’ll never know
But now she tells her baby son

Don’t you straighten the corners
Life gets lost as the crow flies
Destiny tries to warn you
So don’t put her last and pass her by

“These are the lies you’ll live with!” screamed the oil runner’s daughter
“You can’t put back what was never yours to take!”
In time he’ll find that the land he mined could better have served as forest
But for now he bows to Exxon and their stakes

Mother culture, whispering in my ear saying
“Don’t leave this path I’ve brought you on”
“You might not make it back in time”
Well, mother I can find my way
The long road’s fine
You can take back all your fear

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